Our vision

We're dreaming of a
world where parents feel like parenting champions – confidently making growing up a blast.

We aim to bring family bliss into every household, turning the daily parenting adventure into a journey full of intentional, joy-filled


Our mission

At otentikid™️, we're all about making parenting a little less crazy and a lot more intentional. We offer curated bundles and user-friendly tools inspired by cool stuff like Montessori & STEM.

Our mission? To make intentional parenting not just a dream but something every parent can rock, even in the chaos of everyday life

Our purpose

otentikid™️ exists to take the
stress out of parenting and add in a whole lot of fun.

Our purpose - We help busy parents by making awesome tools and philosophies accessible and easy to apply into their daily routines.
We want to be your go-to buddy, making sure every parent feels like a rockstar, creating a positive and intentional vibe that leaves smiles on both parents' and kids' faces


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